The Well-Being of our Clients is our Reason for Being!

Every business relies on a happy clientèle.  At Internal Balance, we are proud to have brought happiness, relief and well-being to many of our clients.

Here’s what just a few of our clients have to say about us…

Karole Marshall is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She has responded to my ailments (both physical and emotional) with integrity and wit and has changed my life as well as my attitude towards my life for the better – even my husband has noticed the difference! The me that I thought I could be is now the me that I am. 5 stars.

A Edmonds – East Fremantle

I have known Karole for many years, first as a Teacher of the Deaf for my hearing-impaired son, and then as a gifted Kinesiologist.  She has helped me get my physical, emotional and spiritual self to a place where I’m very happy to be.

Karole has brought a lot of warmth into my life and that of my family.  She is a true living treasure!

B Fulgaro – Attadale

I have attended Kinesiology sessions in other parts of the world and hold Karole’s skills as a Kinesiologist in outstandingly high regard.

With some background in Kinesiology, I appreciate the intricate study, insight, knowledge and experience required to be a master at this practice.

In sessions, Karole is exceptionally proficient at identifying underlying emotional processes and thought patterns and supporting me in promoting to overcome these.

I leave sessions with the feeling that some energy tap in my system has been opened, and although effects are not experienced immediately, my subconscious mind and body continues to process the experience days, weeks and even months after the session, bringing about positive changes.

Zita – Nedlands