Measure Energy and Meridians

Measure Energy and Meridians

Why do I feel like this?

Have you ever wondered why you have certain physical ailments or feel in a particular way? How your energy runs in your body can influence your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing? Through Kinesiology I am able to access the level of your energy and using sound therapy, acupressure, essences, 5 element and numerous other techniques correct the over and under energy in your body.

How to see your energy systems

Though I am able to feel the energy in your body, I now have in my clinic an Acugraph 4 machine that gives you visual proof of the over and under energy in your meridians. There are only two Acugraph 4 machines in Western Australia. Come and have a scan of your meridian systems to see how your energy is flowing. It takes approximately 5 mins to record and analyze your energy. Below is the amount of information I can obtain from your meridians.  An Acugraph 4 can identify the amount of energy in your:   Source (Yuan), Jing-well, and Ryodoraku points in your meridian systems. The Acugraph 4 can measure 12 meridians – Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater, Large Intestine, Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Bladder, Gall Bladder and Stomach. Each meridian is aligned to an organ and emotion.

  • Source (Yuan) points are the most energetically active points on the meridians, with 4-6 times more energetic activity than other points. These points are most associated with the internal organs and with the general energetic state of the meridians. Source point graphs tend to show greater variability than Jing-well points, and therefore, end to manifest imbalances more readily than Jing well points.
  • Jing-well points are the beginning and ending points of the 12 main meridians, and are the connect points between the main channels and the tendino-musculo branches. Jing–well points measure the general energetic balance of the meridians, as do Source points. The Jing-well points, because they are the connections to the tendino-musculo branches, may tend to reveal imbalance associated with musculoskeletal complaints, as well as more chronic conditions.
  • Ryodoraku measurement uses Source points for 8 of the 12 meridians, but uses other points for the Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Kidney and Bladder meridian.

What can the Acugraph measure?

Once the Acugraph 4 has completed the measurements of the 12 meridians, it will collect the information and display them in 8 different graph – Baseline, Yin/Yang, Element, Energy Cycle, 5 Element, Horary, P.I.E., and Ratios.

Check out this great video about Acugraph:


  • The Baseline graph is the traditional, Ryodoraku-style graph used in meridian graphing
  • The Yin/Yang graph gives a comparison of your yin/yang balance
  • The Element graph analyzes the energy in each of the elements (Lung/Large Intestine – Metal; Spleen/Stomach – Earth; Heart/Small Intestine/Pericardium/Triple Heater – Fire; Gall Bladder/Liver – Wood; and Bladder/Kidney – Water
  • The Energy Cycle graph analyzes your energetic balance throughout the different periods of the day
  • The 5 Element graph displays where there is over and under energy in relation to the other elements
  • The Horary shows the relative energy level of each meridian. This graph is useful for understanding the energetic conditions at various times of day
  • The Ratio graph gives information about your relative energy balance in regards to your chi energy and energy stability
  • The P.I.E. (Personal Integrated Energetics) graph provides a snapshot of your overall meridian balance.


Diet therapy
Baseline Data Graph
Diet therapy
P.I.E. graph

Information sent to you

In addition to the above graphs, Acugraph 4 provides written information about meridian functions, observed imbalances, potential symptom associations and energetic balance categories.

All of the information can be emailed directly to you and will be waiting in your inbox by the time you get home. It will help you track your own energy and understand why you may be feeling or having certain symptoms.

With the collected information, I am able to get your ‘stuck’ energy moving from one meridian to the meridian(s) that need it using all my Kinesiology knowledge and treatments. Call for an appointment today.



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