What to Expect from your Kinesiology Session?

Whilst every Kinesiology session is unique as each client, a session with Karole generally follows the following structure…


If it’s your first session, a comprehensive health and lifestyle history will be taken. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to allow time to fill in the Health Assessment Form. We will then discuss what you would like to work on, with a view of formulating goals for the session and determine what we will work on in the current session, whether its; continuing on form previous session or addressing something new.

The Balance

The balance usually involves:

  • Laying on a massage table (fully clothed except for shoes)
  • Ensuring that the muscle testing can be relied upon via a number of pre tests
  • Ensuring that you are present in your mind, body and energy
  • Determining the priority goals for the session and testing your stress response to it
  • A muscle challenge may be performed to test neuromuscular integrity by asking you to raise your arm or leg and to hold that position while pressure is exerted against the limb.  If you have a sore muscle and it causes you pain to raise the leg, you must let the Kinesiologist know so that they can use a different muscle.
  • A chemical challenge involves checking your reaction to certain allergens or food when placed on the skin (except for anaphylactic allergies)
  • A mental challenge is used to focus your thoughts on a certain topic while muscles tests are carried out
  • Working through a comprehensive balancing protocol to identify, understand and clear, stress, energy imbalances, related emotions and other awareness, blocks to achieving the goals such as lack of willingness, lack of determination and self-sabotages, imbalances in other times and relevant cellular/body memories
  • Correction(s) are performed to correct any imbalances found during the sessions. This may include acupressure (needleless acupuncture, emotional release, rubbing neurolymphatics or neurovascular points, magnets, essences and affirmations, and sound healing
  • Re-assess any activities, postures or movements and re-test the goal to ensure that ant related stress has been cleared
  • Ensure that you will process and integrate the awareness and energy changes
    Check for any home reinforcement to support the balance

Any home reinforcement will be written down and clearly explained to you.

Home reinforcement may entail drops of a flower essence and affirmation and/or Neurolymphatic or Neurovascular points to rub.

If there is home reinforcement to be done, please do it. Remember, it was your body that side it needed it.

Your commitment to doing your home reinforcement is a commitment to yourself and the achievement of your goals.