Kinesiology and Fascial Kinestics/Bowen

Can Help You Get Back Your Life!



Are You Stressed? 

Is Learning Difficult? 

Do You Have Digestive, Urinary or Reproductive Problems? 

Do You Have Aches and Pains and lack flexibility

Do you Suffer from Allergies

Do your emotions get the better of  you

Do you have trouble sleeping, can’t turn your brain off?


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Your Kinesiology   or Bowen Session

Kinesiology Gets You in TuneEvery client is unique, and so is every Kinesiology or Bowen session. Whilst we tailor your session to your individual needs, we do follow a general structure that allows us to provide you with the most effective results from your Kinesiology…

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Meet Karole, Your Kinesiologist and Bowen Practitioner

Your Kinesioligist - Karole MarshallHello, I’m Karole Marshall. I’m a passionate and caring professional specializing in mind and body healing.

I am constantly amazed on the benefits of Kinesiology and Bowen across so many physical, emotional and spiritual levels…

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Energy in Balance“Karole Marshall is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She has…

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